Spring in Perth officially begins on 1 September. At this point, locals have usually launched full-swing into the outdoor lifestyle. For that reason, this is also a popular time for property owners to begin spending time in their gardens and to consider what new projects they would like to undertake to make their greenspace an even more inviting place for enjoying the outdoors.

There’s no question that Perthians spend the most time in their gardens during the spring and summer. However, the fact that most of the landscaping work in the region is carried out during this time is more a matter of demand than practicality. In fact, we believe you could easily make an argument that winter is the best time to undertake landscaping work.

The leading landscape designers in Perth, WA explain why:

  • It’s Easier to See the ‘Bones’ of Your Garden in Winter.
    This may not be as true in Perth’s temperate climate as it would be in, say, northern Europe. However, there is generally less foliage to distract your eye or obstruct views during the winter. This makes it easier for landscape designers in Perth to see the ‘bones’ of your garden – or the lines and structures that underpin it – which makes it easier to expand or improve upon the space.
  • Landscape Designers in Perth Have Greater Availability in Winter.
    As mentioned above, demand for landscaping services is greater in spring and summer than it is in the winter. But the fact remains that landscapers can work throughout the year. If you schedule your garden improvements for the winter, you’ll have a much easier time securing the landscaper’s services on the days you prefer. You may even be able to secure lower prices given the drop in demand.
  • Winter Weather Isn’t a Concern in Perth.
    In some parts of the world, you have to worry about frost ruining some of the plants you’ve arranged when planting in the winter. But in Perth, average low temperatures hover around 9°C from June to August. These winter lows are generally as cold as it gets in Perth. As this is still well above freezing, you don’t have much to worry about in terms of frost destroying any of your newly planted flowers and plants.
  • Come Spring, Your Garden Will Be Ready to Enjoy.
    This is probably the most compelling reason of all to do your landscaping in the winter. When that first delightfully warm day comes around, your garden will be ready to enjoy. Your neighbours will be scrambling to call out their landscapers and trying to find a suitable period of time when they’ll be around and the landscaper is available. Meanwhile, you’ll be able to make the absolute most of your garden – enjoying every warm and sunny day as it comes.

Winter is here, but the team at Xteria are still accepting new projects. If you’d like to improve your garden during the winter, get in touch with us through the website or by calling (08) 9303 9925 for a free quote.

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