With spring just around the corner, now is an ideal time to start thinking about revamping your backyard. There’s nothing better than soaking up the sun on a bright and clear day, and your garden provides a private space in which you can relax and enjoy a delicious barbeque with the family. However, you need to prepare yourself for a challenging task ahead if you want to be impressed with your garden every time you step foot outside.

Alternatively, you could contact our professionals at Instant Gardens and let landscape designers in Perth do the hard work for you. Since 1978, we’ve been helping homeowners make the most of their outdoor space, and we can do the same for you. In this article, we give you an insight into some of our landscaping techniques to help you start planning your new backyard design.

Considerations for New Yard Designs

When giving your garden a makeover, it’s important to think about how to use your space as efficiently as possible. Even the smallest of yards can be turned into something special, so don’t think there’s little you can do inject originality and practicality into your outdoor space.

It’s also worth considering going greener by employing a few sustainable gardening techniques. Sometimes, we think of recycling and being eco-friendly as a chore, but environmentally friendly gardening techniques can save you time and money in the long run.

However, before you can even start thinking about garden designs in Perth, you need to shape the place up a little so that you have a blank canvas to work with. Sometimes, we neglect our backyards over the winter when the weather encourages us to remain indoors, but you can de-clutter even the most overgrown gardens in the space of a day by following the steps below.

The Easy Way to De-Clutter Your Garden

Our landscape designers in Perth are more than happy to clear your backyard of waste before getting to work on a new design, but if you’d rather de-clutter by yourself to reduce the costs of labour, you can follow these simple steps:

  1. Remove the Junk
    First, get rid of anything that’s sat gathering dust or rotting away, such as rusty items of furniture and kids’ playground toys.
  2. Give the furnishings a thorough clean
    A power hose may prove to be your best friend when cleaning your garden furniture, and plenty of commercial cleaners can help make your barbeque look as good as new.
  3. Get the lawnmower
    Overgrown lawns can make yards look messier than they really are, and it only takes a quick once-over with the lawnmower to neaten them up.
  4. Prune the shrubbery
    Use a trimmer to make hedges and bushes look orderly, and remove overgrown tree branches that may be hazardous. It’s best to trust the professionals for such a task so that you can keep yourself out of harm’s way.
  5. Eliminate the weeds
    Weeds soak up nutrients and moisture that your flowers need, making it difficult for them to flourish and remain healthy. Get down on your hands and knees with a decent weed killer and eliminate the problem.

By following the steps above, you should be able to put your imagination to work and think about how you might like your new garden design to look. Next, it’s time to consider how to make the most of your yard’s space.

How to Use Garden Space Efficiently

If you’re starting from scratch with your new yard design, it’s worth creating a blueprint so that you can plot your garden to include everything you want, whether that means an alfresco kitchen or an oversized patio. A few smart landscaping techniques can help you do more with your backyard than you might expect.

If your garden is too small to contain multiple flower beds as well as a deck, consider vertical planters instead of rows of beds. Some people use old wooden crates and even unused chests of drawers to create multi-layered flower beds that look beautiful and promote a healthy local ecosystem.

Make sure you think carefully about what you’ll use your garden for. If you have ambitions to have ample room for the family to relax, you might be able to reduce the size of your lawn. Alternatively, if you never use the patio and have kids that want to play sports outside, you might want to get rid of or shorten the patio to make way for a larger lawn.

Also, consider purchasing space-saving furnishings for your garden that are as practical as they are stylish. For example, bars that fold away into shelves take up very little space when you don’t need them, but they’re perfect for hosting family and friends when the weather is on your side. Our landscape designers in Perth will work with you to ensure your requirements are met.


Think Sustainability When Revamping Your Backyard

You have an opportunity to contribute towards a healthier environment when redesigning your yard, and sustainable gardening can also help you save money and energy in the long run. Here are just a few techniques you can employ to make your backyard more eco-friendly.

  • Drip Irrigation
    By piercing a hose that’s connected to a water supply every three to four inches and looping it around your trees, lawn and flower beds, you can ensure plants get the precise amount of water required without letting any go to waste.
  • Water Harvesting
    In relation to the point above, you could collect the runoff water from your roof with a water harvesting system, which will give you an ample amount of water to keep your garden well-nourished year-round.
  • Backyard Composting
    You can transform most of your meal leftovers and organic waste into compost that your plants will adore, and it prevents the waste from being thrown into a landfill.

There are plenty of other ways to make your yard more sustainable, from vermicomposting to double digging, and our experts would be delighted to talk to you about some of them either in person or over the phone. We love nothing more than creating outdoor spaces that homeowners will enjoy for years, so contact us today for more tips or to book a personal consultation.

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