Beautiful, sustainable garden design

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As a company that works with the natural environment every day, Instant Gardens is committed to sustaining our green world by creating gardens that maintain the integrity of our natural landscape without compromise.

In the natural Australian environment where water is a precious resource, we work with our clients to ensure that you get what you want out of your garden, without harming mother nature.

We work with you to create gardens that will grow along with you and your family and leave a better, greener world for all to enjoy.

As people committed to creating a greener, brighter, fresher world, one garden at a time, we promise to consider the environment when working with you.



3.50pm. Joel's Summer splashdown.

I race home from school after a boiling hot day and jump straight into the pool. It’s the best! I love splashing my sisters and getting their hair wet with the water pistol. Its drives them crazy…so I do it more! My friends always come over for a swim - I’m definitely the best at chucking bombies in the pool. I love summer in the garden. Some days, I never get out of the pool… Joel

10am Blowing bubbles with Kerriann and Tessa.

I never thought something so simple could be so memorable. I forgot how much fun it is to just blow bubbles in the sunshine on a clear summer day. Nothing made me happier than watching Tessa running around the garden chasing bubbles, giggling with delight as they popped and disappeared into the air. Days like this in my garden make me realise how priceless these memorable moments are… Kerriann with Tessa.