If you intend to sell your home and want to maximise its value, you need to declutter your space, update its interior décor and potentially purchase a few new installations to make your property more appealing to buyers. However, you also need to pay attention to your garden and bolster your home’s kerb appeal.

Here at Instant Gardens, our landscape designers in Perth have helped countless residents transform their outdoor space to make their overall property more enticing to potential buyers. We will listen to your ideas and offer advice to help you make the most of your garden, and we guarantee our services are a worthwhile investment.

We understand that backyard landscaping in Perth can be challenging without professional help, which is why this article details a few simple things you can do to neaten up your outdoor space and prime your property for the market.

Beautify Your Garden in Less Than a Day

If you haven’t altered your garden’s appearance for years and intend to sell your house, now might be the time to call our professional landscape designers in Perth. However, here’s how you can make a few small changes that promise to make a big difference:

  • Define Lawn Edges

You ought to edge and mow your lawn at the very least before showing people around your home. Edging your lawn makes the garden appear neat and easy to maintain, which is a big selling point, and you can do it either by defining a border between the lawn and the flower beds using a spade or by installing solid objects, such as bricks or timber.

  • Use Plants to Create Privacy

Consider purchasing plants and flowers to create a barrier between your garden and the outside world. In reality, your flower installations will do little to impede the view into your garden or to reduce the noise, but they will create a sense of privacy that homebuyers adore.

  • Don’t Aim for Too Much Variety

While you might be proud of your gardening skills, you don’t want to show viewers a garden that looks almost impossible to maintain. Instead of having lots of different plants and flowers to look after, give your garden a uniform appearance by sticking to a few species. That way, property hunters will see a garden that looks both striking and easy to maintain.

  • Install a New Lawn

Many property hunters don’t want to spend a cent on revamping a home because purchasing a property is an expensive enough endeavour as it is. If your lawn looks patchy or unhealthy, now might be the time to lay a new one.

  • Prune Conservatively

Pruning your trees, bushes and flowers reflects positively on your home maintance skills and shows buyers that there’s a good chance the rest of your property is in good condition.

Get in Touch for More Landscaping Tips

If you want your garden to looks as appealing as possible to homebuyers, you might want to learn more about how our professional landscaper designers in Perth can help. Contact our professionals at Instant Gardens today on 08 9303 9920 for more top landscaping tips or to book a free consultation.

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