Sometimes we just don’t have the time to keep up the appearance of a garden, even if we want to. An attractive garden takes time and effort, in which case many of us have neither luxury because of busy schedules with work and family. Ideally what we need is a hassle-free option that still looks fantastic as a garden in our backyards.

The latest trend for homeowners is to create low-maintenance backyard designs in Perth. This means a backyard that has a careful selection of features that will allow it to look and feel like a great garden, but still only requires the least amount of time to maintain. Ideally, we’d all prefer to have our green-fingers out and be able to attend to our gardens regularly, but unfortunately, this isn’t always possible. In which case, we should opt for some low maintenance garden designs in Perth. There are several ways to go about this regarding choice lawns and plants.


Whilst they are the most natural possibility, lawns do require constant maintenance and trimming of the grass. This isn’t the most ideal option for those of us who want to sit back and relax to enjoy our garden, yet without the time-consuming efforts that are required for the upkeep of our backyards. Fortunately, there are a lot of landscape designs in Perth that still look just as natural, but can take a lot less effort to maintain.

Aside from cutting the grass, lawns also require a substantial amount of watering in order to grow in the first place, and to grow evenly. Brown, dry muddy patches can appear in our lawns without correct and constant watering. In the hot and arid summers of WA, it’s fairly difficult to keep up a strict watering regime to ensure the growth of our lawns, and that’s why garden designers in Perth recommend removing grassy areas wherever possible if you want to create a low maintenance backyard.

If you choose to keep some grass in your backyard, then it is also recommended by Perth landscape designers to keep your lawn to a very simple shape, such as a small square or rectangular area. This kind of lawn is easier to look after, whereas an irregular shape can take up to ten times longer to trim and edge.

There are also several other options for your backyard landscaping in Perth, such as paving, gravelling, or decking. So if you’re out to create a low maintenance garden, the first step to consider will be the main flooring area. At Instant Gardens we have a range of flooring styles for you to choose that you can incorporate into your garden design.


The second biggest tip offered by any garden designer in Perth is to remove plants wherever possible. This may seem counter-intuitive to the purpose of a garden because most people think this should be a green and verdant place where many plant varieties are left to flourish.

However, a backyard should also be a place where we can sit back and relax, and so having a lot of plants will only reduce your relaxation time. Plants can sometimes also get in the way of a space we want to use, and in some cases can even be a hazard if there are young children that want to play in the backyard. In which case, your garden design in Perth can still accommodate all your needs but needn’t contain a lot of plants.

This does not mean to say you should remove all plants, but those you keep should be low-maintenance by nature. A careful selection of plants by a landscape designer in Perth and advice on where to place them will still keep your garden looking natural and full of life, so rather than removing every single plant in your backyard, it’s more about selecting the right ones.

Landscape designers in Perth will be able to advise you of the best plants to include in your garden design that are best suited to the climate and environment, and require the least amount of maintenance in order to thrive. Another tip is to keep the plants on your garden to be one species. This will create a simplistic uniform look to your garden, and of course, will require less maintenance. At Instant Gardens we have plenty of low-maintenance varieties of plants that will look great in your backyard.


Aside from using wooden decking, or stone paving, these materials can also be used to create a complementary effect for your Perth garden design. Garden furniture has utility value too, as it creates places to sit or tables to eat at, and if placed in the right position also add a visual effect to your complete garden design.

Combined with the correct landscaping, the clever placement of garden furniture can create a great-looking and effective space. For example, creating different tiers in the garden, either earth mounds, or using decking, and then placing garden furniture at the different levels means there are several places to sit and enjoy the garden at different times of the day.

Ornaments can also be placed on the different levels, such as bird tables, sculptures, or other artistic features. Many homeowners have already taken this option for their garden landscaping in Perth, and have been pleased with the results it provides. At Instant Gardens we can give you some great recommendations about style and placement of your garden furniture.

The Low-Maintenance Option

No garden we create will be zero-maintenance, that’s just a fact of life. But there are certainly a lot of possibilities to creating a low-maintenance garden. Many homeowners have remodelled their landscape design in Perth and have been satisfied with the results. Once the investment has been made in decent landscaping design in Perth, homeowners have not looked back. They are pleased with how their garden has been reshaped and are now free to sit back and actually enjoy their backyard, but without the constant worry of regular, time-consuming maintenance.

First of all, we recommend making the lawn area as small as possible, or even getting rid of it altogether. Whilst this may seem a radical move, plenty of homeowners are able to create a natural look in their backyards without the use of grass. If you do want to keep some grass, then our next tip is to keep the lawn to a regular shape so that it takes less time to upkeep.

Our next recommendation is regarding plants, and again the principle is similar here: the less, the better. This doesn’t mean you have to eradicate all plant life from your backyard, but if you consider limiting the number of plants, you’ll find you have a lot more time to actually enjoy the garden rather than having to maintain the vegetation. In some cases, limiting the number of plants in your backyard can also be safer if the garden is to be used by young children.

There are several more options for creating a low maintenance garden, including the correct placement of furniture on different levels. Whatever needs you have, will be able to create a garden design that is right for you. Many homeowners in Perth have already remodelled their gardens and have landscaped them to a low-maintenance option and are pleased with how it turned out. If you’re interested in hiring us to create your low-maintenance garden, give us a call today on: 08 9303 9920, or send us a message directly through the website.

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