While we all love relaxing in the garden, especially on a summers day, not all of us enjoy the upkeep associated with having a beautiful outdoor space. Garden can be a fun hobby, and there are certain chores that are unavoidable, but if you have a busy life then it’s important to keep your garden as low maintenance as possible. Luckily, there are ways to create a garden that’s low maintenance, but still full of natural beauty, and here are a few tips for the more reluctant gardener.

Hire a landscaper

Hiring a landscaper allows you to get a garden design that works for your lifestyle. Many landscapers get requests for low maintenance gardens, and they’ll know what will and won’t work in your particular outdoor space. By using a landscape designer in Perth, you can ensure the design flows properly, and that you make the most of the space. Those who don’t hire a designer will often make small changes here and there, which uses up much more time than one big overhaul.

Decide which garden jobs you want to do

Unless you pave over your garden, there will be a certain amount of maintenance needed, so it’s important to think about what low maintenance means you to. Some garden jobs you might be happy to do include:

  • Deadheading – deadheading doesn’t take long, but allows you to have a beautiful blooming garden for a little effort
  • Raking leaves – having bushes and trees that are evergreen mean you can avoid raking leaves, but it limits your options
  • Mowing – real lawns look more natural than astro turf and make gardens feel fresh, so if you can take a few minutes to mow then it’s worth going for real grass
  • Cutting back – certain varieties of hedges and bushes will need cutting back regularly, but if you’re willing to do some trimming it gives you more options to choose from

Create watering zones

Having an automatic irrigation system means you don’t need to remember to water your garden, and don’t need to find a hose or watering can. However, in many areas of Australia, water restrictions are in place, so it’s important to plan the garden accordingly. Preparing the soil for watering is important, as this will ensure there’s less wastage, and not only is this low maintenance, it’s environmentally friendly.

Choose year-round plants

The hardiest plants will require the less maintenance, so anything that can be kept outside year-round will make life easier. This means you won’t have to carry out winter wrapping, and there’s no fallen leaves when autumn comes around.

Avoid planters

Planters can look nice, and are easy to move around, but they can require maintenance such as repotting, and require more watering. Planters are good for areas with four seasons, as they can be moved around to get more sun, but if you work with landscape designers in Perth, they can ensure your plants are in the best position to thrive, so there’s less for you to do in the garden.

Focus on hard landscaping

Focusing on creating features out of paving, decking, and brickwork which require barely any maintenance. By using a garden designer, you can make interesting features out of hard landscaping, which avoids harsh lines and creates interest. You can then start to add greenery to break up the space.

Hard landscaping is the best way to create a relaxation in your area, such as a patio area for dining or lounging, and this can give you an incentive to carry out those little tasks around the garden, knowing you’ve got a place to chill-out afterwards.

More variety means more work

Nobody wants just one type of plant in their garden, but the more varieties you have, the more maintenance work you’ll have to remember to do. When you work with Perth landscape designers, they’ll be able to create a design with just a few varieties, perhaps between five and ten, using plants that are simple to look after, so you don’t have to remember lots of care instructions.

Avoid weeding

Weeding can be a tedious task, and unless you’re a keen gardener you’re unlikely to want to spend your weekends outside with a trowel. It’s worth remembering that weeds are opportunistic, so if you give them space to grow they’ll pop through. Avoid having big spaces in your borders by adding some low maintenance perennials, which add colour and stop flowerbeds from looking bare.

There are also synthetic fabrics that can be used to cover the ground, smothering weeds and stopping further weeds from growing.

Look at lawn alternatives

In certain seasons, mowing the lawn can be the biggest job in the garden, and if you have a huge lawn this can take a lot of time and energy. However, lawns can make a garden feel green and pleasant, so it’s a shame to get rid of it. Look at some backyard designs in Perth and you’ll see some of the most manageable designs have a small area of grass, then use features such as gravel pathways and paving to break up larger spaces. Astro turf is also an option, and it has certainly improved in recent years, or you could let some of your lawn turn into a meadow, sowing wildflower seeds and letting the grass grow naturally.

Your garden should be a place where you can unwind, and by keeping things low maintenance means you can enjoy your surroundings without having to worry about doing lots of heavy jobs. By working with a landscaper, you can ensure your garden design is low maintenance, and reflects your lifestyle. It may well be that you want some grass and plants, but nothing that’ll take too much work, and experienced landscapers will be able to advise on the best greenery to suit your local soil and weather conditions. There are many possibilities for garden designs that don’t require lots of weeding and mowing, so you can sit back and enjoy the sunshine instead.

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