Our Promise

A personal approach in an Instant

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A beautifully landscaped garden should be the perfect complement to your home. You want a landscaping company to create a garden paradise, just for you. We promise you our approach will get you the Perth garden oasis you’re looking for – a dream garden to match your dream home.

Instant Gardens will:

Landscaping Perfection

Everyone loves a beautifully landscaped garden, one that is an extension of your personality and lifestyle. Creating an individual, unique garden to fulfil your dreams is what Instant Gardens does best.

Personality is everything in an Instant Garden… and we work with you to ensure your garden reflects who you are. In your home, you should be surrounded by your own unique style and your garden will grow and change with you. The key to capturing your style starts with a conversation and getting to know you and your specific landscaping needs.

Whether you prefer the formal elegance of an English country garden; maybe the calming influence of water holds endless fascination; or perhaps you’d like your outdoor oasis to make every day feel like a tropical holiday. We can even provide time-poor green thumbs with low maintenance garden ideas. Whatever you want your version of “Eden” to be, we can do it all for you at Instant Gardens, giving you an outdoor garden terrace or conservatory to perfectly complement your home and lifestyle.

Plan your garden idea

Enhance your residential sanctuary

A well thought out and cleverly designed garden can add significant value to your home. Some real estate agents estimate that investing as little as $5000 in landscaping can add as much as $25,000 to the sale price of your home.

By starting work with you at the planning stage, helping you devise a theme and advising on plant selection and size, through the execution and careful project management, Instant Gardens ensures that the end result is not only a thing of beauty, but a thing of real value.