The term landscape design will mean something different to all of us. And that is ok as we shouldn’t feel constrained to do things a certain way, especially if budgets are limited and space is at a premium.

With that being said, we believe that there are several landscape design themes that can be incorporated by all homeowners to produce a garden that is not only attractive but cohesive too. We are one of the leading landscape designers in Perth and we’re here to help.

Decide on Your Requirements

We imagine that there will be a list of things you don’t like about your existing garden which is why you’re looking into redesigning it, and for that reason, a list of needs and wants is a great place to start.

Look at why your garden doesn’t currently work and come up with ideas on how you can fix it. Do your children need more space to play? Maybe you would like a small vegetable patch to tend? Maybe you’re tired of the sight of paving slabs and are looking for something greener?

There is no right or wrong answer here, but nonetheless, this is a crucial step.

  • We would suggest reaching for a pencil and some paper and sketching out a few rough ideas.
  • The drawings don’t have to be perfect or to scale, they’re simply a medium for you to try out new concepts and ideas.

Consider Your Location

It’s always a good idea to consider and evaluate where your garden lies. The first part of this exercise involves making a note of the sun’s patterns. The sun will always rise in the east and set in the west, so if you use your garden at a certain time of the day, this is important to know.

If you dream of bathing in the sun as it goes down, you might want to locate a patio area on the west side of your garden, perfect for placing a sun lounger or deck chair on. Such an area might also make a great place to locate a table and chairs for an afternoon or evening barbeque.

  • It is always best to place plants that need sun in the less shaded areas of your garden.
  • Depending on the level of shade present, you might find that these areas remain relatively cool.

Secondly, it is always a good idea to take into account the sort of environment in which your garden sits. Are you surrounded by tall trees that provide plenty of shade? Is your garden located within a busy residential area? These are all factors which influence the overall level of ambience of your garden and should be reflected in its design.

Decide on Features

With your previous list in hand, it’s time to make a final decision on the features you require. If a pond was at the top of your list, start looking into the size and type you want as well as what you intend to put in it. From there, you can begin to approach suppliers of garden materials and accessories who will be able to advise further.

Likewise, if you’re always dreamed of a timber decked bridge to cross that pond, its a good idea to discuss this with a decking specialist. This process will also help give you a better idea on costs and help you determine whether or not these features are within your budget.

Create a Focal Point

All well designed gardens should include a focal point if possible. This doesn’t have to be anything extravagant and could simply be your most desired featured. Using the pond example, you may choose to make this the focal point and design everything else around it, from where you place your flowerbed to any garden ornaments you intend to buy.

Decide on Materials

Not just the choices you make in regard to design features are important. The choice you make in terms of material selection can also have a huge impact on your finished garden. There might be a specific type of timber decking that you’ve seen or there might be a certain type of paving slab that you may feel will work perfectly in your new garden.

This is where you’ll need to conduct further research into these materials and see where is best to obtain them. Most local material suppliers will be a great source of information on all things landscape design in Perth.

Pace Yourself

If you’re planning on having a go yourself at conducting your garden makeover, we would always recommend proceeding in stages. Even the smallest of gardens will require a lot of work which will take months if you only have a weekend to dedicate each week.

For this reason, starting and finishing small jobs before moving onto the next is the way to go.

  • If you’re laying a new patio or paving slabs, make a start on this feature and finish it before moving on.
  • Any element of your garden you’re struggling with should be passed over to an expert garden designer. They will be able to show you exactly how it should be done so you can do it without assistance next time.

We find that being able to see clear progress and a clear route of progression does wonders for your motivation as you can begin to see your garden take shape.

Be Patient

Nothing happens overnight so the key is to relax and enjoy the garden landscaping and makeover experience as much as possible. It sounds cliché but make it a labour of love, it’ll be worth it the first time you relax in your new space once its finished.

Seek the Help of the Professionals

Here at Instant Gardens, we specialise in all aspects of landscaping in Perth, WA. We are well placed to offer you advice as well as deliver all aspects of landscaping and garden design projects. We have an extensive portfolio which is available to view on our website which should also provide some inspiration.

For more information and a consultation, get in touch with us today by making use of the contact form on our website or by speaking to one of our designers on 08 9303 9920.

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